Roll neck sweaters, bindis and braids- the nineties rolled by and it felt remarkably like passing a car crash. Good memories fade fast, but the worst stay with you till the end of time. Thankfully, London girl/ boy duo AlunaGeorge are nodding towards the right side of the nineties. Recording music akin to a spattering of sub-genres from electronic old school RnB beats to fresh off-kilter pop, it’s a refreshing blend audiences are beginning to warm to.

What makes you different in a current climate of emerging artists?

Aluna- An average height of six foot two isn’t the norm I’m pretty sure, plus I like to think we’re trying to do something slightly different.

‘You Know You Like It’ is much more beat-driven and in our eyes, darker, than any of your previous tracks. Is this a direction you wish to explore?

George- Yeah for sure, the main idea for that song and how it was written was really taken from hip-hop producers who seem to be able to make a song from pretty much an eight bar loop or something. Turns out to be a fun way to make music.

Aluna- Definitely, the chorus for this track came out of one of the first vocal ideas I had. When I listened to just a loop of the main beat and baseline- that beat had an immediate impact on me and I just went with it.

Explain your main musical idols from the age of 5 onwards:

George- Michael Jackson, Matt Bellamy (don’t laugh), Thom Yorke, Pharrell Williams.

Aluna- Michael jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Thom York, Etta James, Jeff Buckley, PJ Harvey, Beyonce.

Take the main inspiration of your music, put it in a gift box and describe what’s in it:

Aluna – One of those plastic flowers with sunglasses that dance when you make noise.

George- A Rainbow of squelching drums and that collection of percussion that schools seem to have.

Describe the writing process for you both, who does what?

George- I’ll make the music and take suggestions from Aluna as to what could be changed and she’ll Hum some vocal ideas and i’ll suggest what could be changed to them. Sometimes the vocal melody will come first and sometimes the backing will come first. Has to be said its a pretty damn even share.

What is to come from your debut album- any spoilers?

George- Album is still being written at the moment . So far theres a mix between “heavy beats” and “polite beats” all wrapped up in a general blanket of nawwwtyness.

If AlunaGeorge were to form a supergroup, who else would be part of it?

George- Probably just replace ourselves with Pharrell and Bjork. I’d play along on guitar and Aluna would be on drums.

When 2050 rolls round, how do you predict artists’ approach to music will have changed? 

Aluna-   Probably music will be automatically created by a measure of your mood via body temperature and heart rate. The lyrics will be extracted from our online status updates.

George- don’t think it will that much, people are still copying stuff that was done 50 years ago.

The internet has played an important part of getting your idea and music to new fans. Why did you choose this medium to share your message?

George- Seems to be the done thing these days, it’s the quickest way of making your music available to as many people as possible.

Aluna- As we’re an electronic act the freshest way to hear our stuff is a recording straight out of our DIY studio so it makes sense to use the Internet to get an early reaction from people.

What is your master plan for 2012?

Album release, more shows and a brand new studio made of gold (or fake) diamonds…


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