DISCLOSURE: Writers block and making shit

Howard and Guy Lawrence are two brothers from South London about to make some serious waves. As Disclosure, they mash up beats and samples to form the most refreshing type of dance we’ve heard in ages. The band are set to release new single ‘Make Mine’ with an EP to follow at the start of next year. Here, they tell us about watching cheesy films, jazz harmonies and classical music…

On favourite places to write songs:

In our studio. It’s above our dads work but we can use it 24/7 and be as loud as we like all the time, so it’s ideal really.

On three words that decribe the band:

Really, safe, blokes

On dream collaborations:

J Dilla and Michael Jackson…not looking like that will happen though.

On what inspires them:

Other peoples music, other people generally, jazz and classical harmony, clubs and nights

On happiness:

Making music, playing live, djing… and eating lots?

On sadness:

Writers block, making shit, not much else really, everything is pretty good right now.

On favourite places around the world:

We haven’t been to all of them so this isn’t really a fair opinion but Antigua is pretty damn nice for holiday type vibe. But probably being at music festivals in the summer is the best surely.

On favourite films:

Shawshank Redemption, The Business and also cheesy old Bond films but only on a Sunday afternoon hangover.

On divulging their best-kept secret:

We can’t tell you, it’s a secret…but it is a HUGE one. Like so unbelievably big you just wouldn’t believe it even if we told you…but we won’t…so unlucky.


Photography by Pietro Pravettoni http://pietropravettoni.com/




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