Identical twin duo Annette and Daniela Felder are the dynamic pair behind fashion brand Felder Felder. The sisters inject a little rock and roll personality into everything they do, whether it’s skipping the barriers to watch a YSL show, listening to Led Zep from their studio stereo or keeping up with the new via blogging and the internet.

Annette and Daniela Felder are Felder Felder. Since launching their debut collection whilst still at Central Saint Martins back in ‘06/’07, this double dynamite duo have cemented a global reputation with their signature tomboy stylings and love of opposites. Here they discuss the testament according to Felder Felder…

You have come a long way since you first launched the brand. What lessons have you learnt on your career journey so far? 

Learn quick from your mistakes and try to make it better. Also, always listen to your heart and not to too many other opinions, as nobody cares about it as you do.

Was it always your ambition to be designers?

When we were small we wanted to be singers as we love music. We quickly realised that it was hopeless, so we started customising clothes as we come from a small village where you couldn’t get anything. We soon realised that this is where our passion is.

Your collections have been seen on a wide variety of music stars such as Florence and the Machine, Rihanna and Alison Mosshart. How do you feel rock and roll dressing for female musicians has changed over the times?

On the one hand, musicians were dressing up much more in the rock’n’roll style before but I don’t think they were using stylists that much. Nowadays, rock stars whether don’t dress up that much and just go on stage in their casual clothes or they make proper stage appearances with costumes etc, which becomes more interesting for us, as you can do quite a lot .

Who are you favourite musicians- new and old?

The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Velvet Underground, Jimi Hendrix, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins,Florence& the Machine, any of Jack White’s bands, Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit , Band of Skulls, so many more. We also love Disco and House Classics.

Why did you decide to launch FF whilst you were still at Central Saint Martins- did you feel well prepared and ready to shape the brand? 

It was more like playing around while still at college and learning from it. On the one hand, we learned quite a lot and it helped us to get an early following , but we are not sure if we would do it again like this, as it was quite a jump into the cold water.

What do you think of digital fashion reportage such as Twitter, blogging, Facebook etc- and has it aided your brand in any ways? 

We are big fans of digital Fashion reportage. It just opens the door into the fashion world for anybody, even for people with no excess or money , can see what is going on, which is so fantastic. Felder Felder is on Twitter and Facebook, plus we have a blog on vogue.co.uk , so we are right in there.

We like your sense of fun. In a blog posting back in December, you revealed that you managed to sneak into a Yves Saint Laurent show by pretending to be models running late. It got us thinking about high fashion versus the mainstream. Do you feel like the fashion industry should have a ‘no barriers’ approach, or keep in a self-contained world- only manifesting itself commercially via diluting itself on the high street?

Thank you! Yes that was a pretty funny story. In general, I think high fashion should be approachable via the designers who want to be approached. Felder Felder, for example , has an entry price point at around sixty pounds, so that we can reach our younger customers , but as well much higher priced high fashion pieces for true fashion lovers who don’t mind to spend something on a special piece. In this way you open your brand to a wider audience but still stay true to yourself.

We would love to know how you work and develop ideas for the brand. Please describe what your work environment is like… 

We are inspired a lot by music, so in our studio there is always music as we can’t get started without. We love fabric manipulation and combine contrasts, things that compliment each other, which maybe stems from being twins.

If you had a choice between embracing old fashion trends, or looking to the new- which direction would you take?

New Fashion is more attractive to us, but then we always find really inspiring Victorian vintage pieces, which always look so modern. I guess it runs hand in hand in a way.

What do you envisage this year to be like for Felder Felder?

Hopefully a very successful year. We would love to establish our brand more internationally.

What is interesting to you, right here- right now?
InLondon there is always something inspiring happening, a great exhibition, a great dance, a cool concert. The notice that when you have a lot of friends in the creative field, it is always the best to go to a friend’s event.




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