GOLDEN GLOW: Tender. Honest. Necessary.

Golden Glow is the brainchild of musician Pierre Hall, previously of the band Lead Balloons. The projectencapsulates Hall’s love of brit-pop, distortion and dream-like melodies with all music and vocals played and sung by himself. Hall has trodden a colourful path which lead him from early music days to Golden Glow; an automobile accident in 2009 left him unable to walk for almost six months leaving Hall’s spirits crushed. Rather than treat this dark period as a musical setback, Hall began to reflect and reapproach the way he worked his art. Unable to leave the house, his songwriting began to reflect hope and sorrow he felt inside. That was the moment that Golden Glow was born and finally, ‘Tender Is The Night’- the charming debut record which followed via Mush Records.

How has your musical journey with Golden Glow been so far and have you learnt anything?

It’s been good. Slowly but surely. Things are definitely heading in the right direction. I’m still learning – but i suppose like anything, things take time. If anything I suppose I am learning you’re only really as good as what you know. If i think back to music I was making 5 years ago, i feel like i was naive and inexperienced then, and this is more me. But ask me again in 5 more years and i may say the same about this.

Why did you decide to start this project?

It was around two years ago. After the break up of my first band, Lead Balloons. I had some time on my hands, and bought a digital 4-track recorder. I’d never done any of my own recording before. It completely opened my eyes.

Why? To keep myself sane.

Describe Golden Glow in three words:

Tender. Honest. Necessary.

What is your favourite track from your record and why?

Hmmm. A hard one. Probably ‘Adore Me’ as it came about completely by accident – but turned out exactly how I wanted it. I couldn’t have set out to write it. It kinda informed the sound  that I ended up going for.

What message or musical mood does Golden Glow have?

I’m not sure about message – as the songs touch upon several themes. Love, lust, isolation and mortality being the most common ones.

The mood is definitely reflective.

Do you feel like the life of a musician has changed over the years?

Definitely.  I was just talking about this to someone last night.

It’s so much harder to make it your life now, even compared to ten years ago.  In order to – you have to make a lot of sacrifices for almost minimal reward.

I guess its a case of choosing to be one of those people who does the whole sleeping on floors living for their art thing or those people who want the aspects of a normal life and relationships etc and are happy just to continue making  records in the meantime, knowing that they’re contributing something, whatever the outcome.

I suppose I’m in the latter camp. At the moment.

Where does the main inspiration for your songwriting come from?

Love. Life. Frustration.

Those people that have come before you and taught you lessons you can never forget.

The idea that there is something more than this, and that maybe what we are experiencing now is just an intermediary phase.


Lots of books.

Do you have any dream collaborations for Golden Glow?

Dead? –  Nico.  Love her voice and her whole vibe. I’m a sucker for a beautiful girl too.

Alive? – Maybe Jarvis. I reckon we’d be into the same stuff.

If you could have written any song in the world, what would it be and why?

Dion & The Belmonts – ‘Runaround Sue’

I love it. It has everything. It’s perfect pop. Great lyrics. Great voice. Femme-fatale-ish lyrics. A bona fide classic.

Best album of all time?

Everyones  is different – but for me, its The Bends (Radiohead). Just because, i think certain albums find you at the right time. And that one found me, and i’ve never been able to shake it loose.

It means everything to me.

Are you recording any more material, or are any more releases in the pipeline?

I’ve started writing songs for the new record – the process will be different from the last one in which i did everything myself on 4-track. I have a live band now, so i’ll come up with the rough ideas and they’ll flesh it out and then hopefully go in to the studio with a producer friend of mine in Spring, in time for an Autumn (2012) release.

Any touring plans ahead?

Not yet – as we wanna concentrate on recording, plus we all work etc. But definitely a few gigs here and there.

Watch this space.



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