JACK OF HEART: drugs, tights and breeches

French band Jack of Heart are singing garage rock songs about your girlfriend and will one day emigrate to Montreal. It’s not often that we can say that this is a band are literally, clad in their grandmother’s fintest lingerie, causing chaos across Europe.

What is the message of Jack of Heart?


Are all band members originally from Paris?

Nope, only I was justborn there. We’re Mainly from South France.

What music are you inspired by?

Your Girlfriend…

Do you feel your sound is representative of something new, or something more nostalgic and classic?

It’s something new, classic and original. Like All the music in the 60’s and 70’s. We love 80’s, 90’s and contemporary music too.

How do you write lyrics to the songs, collectively as a band in the studio, is it one person in the band?

I’m resonposible for the lyrics and songwriting.

Where do you record your songs?

I’m responible for the recordings… at “JOH HQ” and “At Mama’s Place Studio”, South France. Anologic recordings!

You mention Jay Reatard, Black Lips, Demon’s Claws are the music of now till 2015- what makes Jack of Heart part of this story?

Inspiring more rockin bands to be like us. Marie Laveau xxx may have helped all those bands to develop… just like us … Marie Laveau xxx is our Queen … our Voodoo Queen For ever.

Do you prefer playing big stages or smaller, more intimate shows?

We love live shows. Smaller places have most of times… better sound, but we love both.

Apart from your instruments, what are your favourite things to take with you on tour?

Drugs, tights, handy groomer set, breeches of my girl… nothing special

What are your favourite cities in the world?

Montreal! To rock ? Montreal, NYC, Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta etc … in Europe we Love Brussels, Belgium, they love us back a lot so …

To live ? 


we might all move there next year

Where do you buy your famous lingerie you wear on stage?

Tights everywhere they sell tights, breeches, etc, chemise from our mothers in the 60’s (Cacharel 50’s, 60’s, 70′ etc …)

What do you expect the band will be doing in 2012?

We might tour Spain, USA (east, middle east), Scandinavia, then Australia & New Zealand, and maybe Europ Festivals in summer.

Can we expect a new JOH record to be coming out soon?

Even two! Our second album “IN YER MOUTH” is out now on Born Bad Records, and a new LP on Teenage Menopause Records (Paris/Brussels) “ONLY SEVEN INCHES FOR YOUR GIRLFRIEND”is coming…”




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