Lana del Rey: the dark side of the American Dream

Since Lana del Rey to public attention with her enigmatic ballad ‘Video Games’, she has become a central conversation point amongst music fans and bloggers alike. Now, with a top ten single, plus live shows in London and Paris already under her belt, Lana is currently on the precipice of releasing her second single “Born To Die” next month. A debut album is also in the pipeline, also titled “Born To Die” will be released a week later on January 30th. It’s been an epic journey for her so far, so ahead of the holiday season we thought it would be nice to discuss the more humble things in life and what makes this rising star tick:

On decamping to New York City from Lake Placid:

There was nowhere to sing in Lake Placid so I moved. I was born in New York City and I was meant to live there. It’s a city full of strange artists so I fit in.

On recording in New York:

I did not start immediately, I sang at open mic nights first and played lots of shows in Brooklyn. Then I met a producer when I was 19 and started recording.

On her musical message music:

I don’t have a message, Im just trying to get though my own struggles and losses through making music. I face dark decisions but I have the light inside of me to make good choices.

On her fashion style:

What I wear in my videos is actually what I wear in real life, I wear french dresses and also jeans and t- shirts.

On ‘Video Games’:

The song is about a time in my life when I was at peace with the fact that I was never gonna make anything of myself. Me and my boyfriend were two outsiders that had found love and felt lucky to have found each other and to be able to spend our nights together after he’d get home from work.

On David Lynch:

I enjoyed the themes he explored in his films, and I could tell he did whatever he wanted creatively without compromising, and he was interested in the dark side of the American Dream.

On her musical journey:


On her favourite recording artists:

No one that’s alive, but maybe Eminem and Lil Wayne.

On her favourite icons:

Elvis, Kurt Cobain, because they have the most beautiful faces and fascinating souls.

On her top places for a day out in New York:

Go to Coney Island or walk along the water on the West Side Highway.

On what makes her smile:

I can’t remember



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