LEAGUE: ‘good old technology’

Jorge and José aka LEAGUE are two guys getting sick of living in the city, inaction, routine, absent-minded friends, absent-minded conversations, and most of all with a deep need for contact with wildness. They write us an open letter to get things of their chest…

We didn’t give making music too much of a thought in the beginning. We ended up heading to the beach with a tent and an SAS (British Special Forces) survival guide and ended up staying for six months from Winter to the end of sSpring. This was really the trigger that made us have the time to start thinking about a lot of things, most of them concerning Man and human nature… it really made us put in perspective how big questions that were made for centuries started to disappear from our minds over the past 40 or 50 years and how they’re still to answer, maybe now more than ever. Oh and we also drove a couple miles to the supermarket once a week.

When we got back we started to put things together and recording all ideas (good old technology!), and it really started to make sense to combine this nature and isolation experience with more social and emotional issues, we are, as humans, made of this two opposite worlds.

We are form Portugal, from a coastal city, which, by itself doesn’t inspire creativity in a strong way (a small city , not much to do culturally , not much people, things don’t come to you as in a more urban place), but it definitely influenced us as individuals, as big cities can be a sometimes a bit choking for your soul if you want to breathe a little more widely. 

We’re inspired and trying to learn from a lot of music from the past, from almost every genre, from Sinatra, Janis, Vashti, and Pink Floyd guitars. We grew up on 90’s bands like Blur and Radiohead, and two years ago we were playing electro as a DJ duo, so it’s really hard for us to know where music is going or even trying to go with it… we don’t really care about being at the cutting edge of fashion or modern in music, it all comes natural and as global feeling to people and probably as a result as outside factors and paradigms.

Being in a band can be a way to get a wider conscience about the world, citizenship and people’s REAL problems or it can make you get lost in a really alienated self-centred superficial routine, it all depends on what you’re into – playing guitars with style, drinking beer and getting a couple tattoos, or working with an inner need to build something.

We remember hearing the klaxons album a few years ago but we get into it much. Golden Skans is a great song from the commercial point of view, it works on the ears instantly, just as Gravity’s Rainbow does. We probably have some technical things in common, as with loads of other bands, we use both our vocals at the same volume in some songs to make it stronger, and some background choirs to fill the verses which we understand the resemblance. Both lyrics can evoke an open fictional imaginary , but Klaxons are very Ballard-baed and are inspired by Science Fiction, which is not really our universe. In general they’re not much of an influence to us.

A note from José:

If I could live anywhere in the world I would locate to San Francisco in Brazil, so i could eat papayas and Cajun all day long. Although our songs have a strong visual character, I can’t name movie or artist in particular that inspires us. Things come really naturally without a lot of thought or a creativity train, and sometimes it works if I sing over Justin Timberlake’s chords, or sometimes I just try to make things in a work with a more mechanic perspective.

A note from Jorge:

I can’t really imagine living a single place for a long time, I wish I could merge like London with Paris and San Francisco so I could have a lots of life on the streets and also at the same time eat cool sandwiches filled with ketchup on a sunny day in a wide avenue near the sea – oh and maybe with some Australian city like Brisbane so i could feed the cangurus that passed by among the the young people smoking weed.

Lately I’ve been finding movies as a great source for motivations or concerns, but it’s hard to tell, I’m not the kind of person who can write about something freshly on my mind, it’s really hard for me to tell where things come from, maybe echoing from a simple afternoon on the rock pools years ago, maybe from an entire night spent in silence among a lot of people. Usually, when composing, images are the starting point and come always first, landscapes, a high eels on the moss, books, magazines , movies, publicity, right now images come from everywhere really and we can’t help it.”



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