The band members are like two sides of the same coin. Introducing New Look, husband/ wife duo Sarah Ruba and Adam Pavao. After three years spent with a handful of tracks, the pair burst back into view with their haunting single ‘The Ballad’ back in Summer. They’re now fresh from releasing an anticipated debut record- a mesmerising slice of subtle beauty via !K7 Records (label home to Jimmy Edgar and Chromeo). Here, New Look tell us of their close creative partnership, surfing the internet and how they’re literally looking at the stars. Photography by Mari Rustan.

What does being Canadian mean to you?

Canada is a really nice to place to live. It’s idyllic in many ways, but if you have a band with goals of success outside of Canada, you have to GET OUT or it won’t happen (unless you’re quite lucky). It’s a very insular country when it comes to the arts, at least in our experience.

Why did you decide to be in a band?

It wasn’t really a choice, the two of us came together with an immediate musical connection and it naturally happened from there.

What is ‘The Ballad’ about?

The Ballad is kind of an arm outstretched to someone… a message of support to them.

You first came to our attention three years ago. How have you changed as a band over the years?

Three years ago we were little babies in many ways. We had maybe 4 songs to our name and only grand visions in our heads. We’re still working towards the grand visions but we’re much further down the road, musically we’ve grown exponentially, as song writers and producers, and there’s still so much more growing to do.

When did you decide to become musicians?

It wasn’t really a decision that can be traced to a certain point in time. It was always something we both just DID, and the vision of making music as a way of life became a goal when we met each other.

Describe your growing up and your introduction to music:

Sarah was always a singer, but really got into it when she joined a big band jazz group as a teenager. Adam was introduced to music at around ten years old by his Uncle Frank who had a studio set up in Adam’s Grandma’s basement. Every time Adam would visit his Uncle Frank would turn on all the equipment and they’d make some noise. Adam’s first piece of gear was a bass guitar that Uncle Frank gave him. Now we have a house full of gear!

With a debut single well under your belts, what can we expect from New Look with a full length album?

This full length is a culmination of years of development and work. A lot of stuff happened to us over the course of recording the songs on this album so you can hear a lot of variety as a result. But we feel like it’s still cohesive. It’s a little bit of everything!

How do you feel the internet has affected your music?

In that it exposes us to so much culture we would otherwise not see. Even just a stranger’s Tumblr can influence our art. We’ve also connected with other artists through blogs and social media that we would maybe even never get to meet in person otherwise, for example, we first connected with our friends The XX (who we did a supporting tour with last year) through Myspace.

What are your favourite hangouts in Canada?

Our studio! We also have some land with two Airstream trailers on it that we love to escape to when we get the chance. Make a big fire, roast some marshmallows, look at the stars.

New Look’s self-titled debut album is out now

Photos by Mari Rustan:


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