THE VALENTINES PART 2: a day with Chris Leader

The Valentines are a band from Brighton, UK consisting of Jegard, Chris Lowe, Leader, Curtis, and Carlito. The band are a string of influences, from garage punk, to indie pop- all weft together by a shared love of party music. It was their delightfully shambolic charm that found them supporting The Libertines for their comeback gig at Forum last year. From there, the music hasn’t stopped since as the band began to play shows in London and Paris. After lead singer Jegard relayed his life story in Part 1, it’s Chris Leader’s turn to talk romance…

Hi Leader, what have you been up to today?

Woke up at 9.37am (fully clothed), drank a Yazoo, brushed my teeth, had a fag, collected my Dum Dum Girls & Nirvana vinyl, ate a burger, played on the bumper cars, had a sing song with the other Valentines on the beach, then played a gig with the lovely Carl Barat.

Who are your top 5 heroes?

George Harrison (God)

Dee Dee Ramone (for being the coolest member of the coolest band ever, and loving pizza)

Kip Berman (because he’s the nuts)

Kurt Cobain (for making music click)

Cassie Ramone (because i love her guitar playing, the Vivian Girls, and The Babies album is the best release this year. They might be in this magazine too…)

Kevin Shields (for being a genius)

Jack Kerouac (for saving / changing my life)

Roy Lichtenstein (have you seen “Sunrise”?)

(the above is no particular order, and four people were joint fifth, which is why there are eight on the list)

Above: Chris Leader of The Valentines

When it comes to songwriting, do you all have a hand in the mix or are lyrics and music score a very much a separate operation?

Songwriting is very much Jegard’s thing in The Valentines, as is poetry, romance and modelling.

Do The Valentines comes with any kind of message?

“Beep beep – your remaining balance is £1.19”

Where is your favourite place to write songs?

In my bedroom, in the winter, at night, when nobody is in the house.

Who is the poet of the group?

Poet of the group?! I don’t believe it! I mentioned that earlier…

Who is the romancer?

Romancer too?! Christ! This is spooky…

If you were to write a Valentines Day song for anyone, who would it be for?

Amanda Knox

Who is most likely to get a modelling contract in the future?

You’re having a giraffe…see previous Jegard related answers.

If someone was to walk a mile in your shoes how would they feel?

Have you seen Mrs Doubtfire? Like that.

Describe what true romance really is:

a great film which contains my favourite piece of cinema ever (the Christopher Walken / Dennis Hopper caravan torture scene. It makes me want to cry, not that i would though. Im very tough and manly.) In all seriousness, there is no way to describe it.

Tell us a band secret:

During recording, Carl, our drummer, likes to cover his upper torso in baby oil as it gives him a “better feel of the beats”.

Above: The Valentines


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